CAP CANA, Dominican Republic, March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Marina Cap Cana has been chosen as the number 1 spot in the world for sport fishing in 2020. This choice was based on several different criteria, such as fish numbers, the variety of billfish species, average fish size and fishing reports.

The accolade given by the Billfish Report highlights the popularity and market positioning Marina Cap Cana has attained over the years, with it being chosen as a preferred fishing destination by both Dominican and foreign anglers, particularly North American sport fishing enthusiasts.  

Silvano Suazo, the director of Marina Cap Cana, said: “It’s the first time we’ve been chosen as the top fishing location. In 2019 we were 9th, in 2017, 4th, and in 2016 we were No. 2 in the world. This is the result of our hard work together with our whole team.” “Fishing enables us,” he pointed out, “to boost the tourist industry, and the regional and national economy”.

In 2020 this area saw its best fishing ever, with impressive blue marlin catches. Even with a smaller number of boats the number of fish released was far higher. The release reports show a total of 2,063 out of 3,188 sightings, with an average of over 10 marlin releases recorded per day.

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Cap Cana City destination is one of the best spots for blue marlin fishing, with the species being present all year round in the area, as is the white marlin.

With the catch and release type of fishing that it fosters and regulates, Marina Cap Cana promotes the sustainability and conservation of billfish species. On the agenda for Marina Cap Cana in 2021 are the Caribbean White Marlin tournament in May and the Cap Cana Classic in October.

The Cap Cana City destination and Marina offer anglers and their families an attractive and safe environment with multiple amenities enabling them to fully enjoy their stay in sublime surroundings.

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